Prince & Embraced By The Light

Betty J Eadie, Author, Embraced By The Light, April 21, 2016

Prince was a man of amazing musical brilliance and genius, entertainment ability and talent. But what stood out even more so to me, was his gentle, loving demeanor, soft voice and tender heart.


I first met Prince shortly after my book, “Embrace By The Light,” was published. He told me that he had been profoundly impacted and inspired by its message of hope and unconditional love, and that he wanted to meet me, which he did when I was scheduled for a speaking event in Minnesota. To my surprise, Prince attended my event and afterwards invited me to his studio in Paisley Park. We had a very engaging and heartfelt visit there, one that I will never forget.

As I entered the building I took in everything—the impressive rooms—his personal rooms on the top floor—the powerful persona of which was Prince; the entertainment Icon. But the title and all that was behind the name Prince, soon disappeared and fell to the wayside as we progressed in our conversation. Sitting next to me on a decorative love-seat, sat a simple young man, humble, yet full of life, love and spirit. He spoke openly to me about his childhood, about his songs, his music, and about his disapointments, hopes and dreams.

Prince shared with me his torment with his label and contract to the point of having “slave” tattooed across his cheek and having his name changed to a symbol. He sought my advice on how to deal with the trauma which brought him to feel he was a slave to the music industry. I told him that he had a mission to fulfil and I encouraged him to move forward and return, as Prince, to his music and the man everyone loved and admired.

When our visit came to a close we felt our deep connection and spoke of it. There was a bonding that often occurs between people that is so strong, it exists without need for words. Even So, he did exactly that when he dedicated a song to me on his Album titled: Gold, through the song “Dolphin.” My moments of closeness to him and his gesture of love is close to my heart today . . . and it always will be.

Our contact with each other continued through the years. Prince wanted to help more with the promotion of “Embraced By The Light” and offered, should I take the book to film, he would love to write the music.

We have recently been in contact with the possibility of him being a part of our current film project. His abilities to write incredibly beautiful music would have been a perfect fit for what I wanted for the film.

Yet, now, Prince is on a different journey . . . a journey that is beyond description and imagination. It is filled with eternal hope, peace and unconditional love . . . he is now sharing his beautiful spirit and amazing talents with even greater audiences.

I am blessed to have shared these moments with him, and I look forward to the day we meet again.

God bless you, Prince!

Betty J Eadie

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